Directions for Presenting Cases

After registering and paying for Transgender Supervision, please carefully prepare your cases. Obviously, you should disguise your clients as appropriate for their confidentiality. This is a secure online system, and will not be recorded. I would appreciate if you let me know before the meeting if you are planning on presenting so I can effectively manage the time.

Please plan on spending 10 minutes presenting your case and about 10-15 minutes for the following discussion. For short cases needing feedback: plan on 5 minutes presenting and 10 minutes for the discussion.

  • Basic Client Information: Name, age, race/ethnic identity, sexual orientation, relational status, work/education.
  • Specific Gender Information: Gender identity and expression, process of transition.
  • Presenting Problem: Why has the client sought therapy, length of time in treatment?
  • Clinical Presentation: What is client’s progress? Diagnostic impression? Social/Relational dynamics? How has therapy been going? What issues have been addressed?
  • Clinical Relationship: How do you feel about the clinical relationship? Challenges?
  • Why are you presenting this case?